Today we want to talk about adaptation, an action or skill that we have had since the beginning of human kind. Being such a broad term, first of all here is the definition:

Adapt (verb): 

  1. to change your ideas or behaviour to make them suitable for a new situation
  2. to slightly change over time so a species can continue to exist in a particular environment.


This term can be used in multiple situations. One example is nature with its flora and fauna that adapts daily (mostly because of the damage we as humans are creating, but that’s something to discuss in another article). In this article we want to focus on the adaptation in regards to people and business.

The constant technological, economic, and social change, in addition to the wide range of products and services around the world, creates more specific and exquisite demand from the consumers. One of the main goals of every business is to satisfy their clients needs and to achieve it, adaptation needs to start from inside-out. Company leaders need to be proactive and surround themselves by a work team with ambition and flexibility, some key factors when we talk about adaptation.

Almost daily, new opportunities are showing up, and to make the best out of them, employees need to understand that certain strategies and tools that used to work in the past are not efficient anymore. Generally, good results happen when employees are motivated to expand their field of knowledge and companies invest in R&D (Research and Development). This can prevent future problems and provide new ideas to stand out in the industry.

Putting words into action isn’t easy and it’s true that not every business has the resources to invest in R&D, but many times, it’s that mental comfort of the leaders when things are going right, one of the main reason why they fail. One of the most famous examples of a company that didn’t adapt was Blockbuster. They were absolute leaders in the film industry and they had many opportunities to reinvent themselves since a little company called Netflix showed up and before they realized it was to late to adapt.

On the other hand, a company like Amazon has been demonstrating year after year their constant innovation, starting as a small online book store to become one of the biggest businesses in the world selling everything from A to Z as its logo indicates.

In conclusion, it’s worth mentioning that a situation like the global pandemic leaves no choice but to adapt as humans and organizations and sadly some companies couldn’t survive. Nonetheless, adversity creates value and many opportunities that didn’t exist before are appearing. Looking at the bright side, it’s upon the optimistic and curious people to make the best out of this new reality.

Here are some images we found very smart from certain brands around the world that decided to adapt their logos during these times and it’s interesting to observe how this companies are constantly evolving and making decisions not to go unnoticed.